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I didn’t know that I can write until getting my first article invitation by The Alibaba’s blog in China back to 2013.  That was the time I just quit my regular job in EADS (the Airbus group) and started my own epic of business.  Since then I realize how’s my words and content help my Chinese audience to success in their trading business and also how contents could turn into a business of million.  I wrote books and online courses, get interviewed by Bloomberg in 2018, and is starting up a B2B trading magazine with group as their founding Editor-in-Chief. 


Being a buyer by training, I can quite easily pickup idea on how to deal with suppliers and get a not-so-bad relationship (leave the win-win to MBA talk) with them.  One of my book published by the China Custom Press is about how to manage supplier as a smaller buyer.  Things were easy when you are representing a giant company, but it won’t be the same when you are just a small buyer (eg. A local importer, distributor and wholesaler) with a humble order quantity.  To my surprising, there are little discussion on how a smaller buyer would work efficiently with their Chinese supplier.  Therefore I believe my knowledge can perfectly fill in the gap.

I also own a business of importing and marketing chocolate with sugar coating) in China market.  It is a product not commonly known by Chinese but yet I managed to did something to capitalize this as a niche business.  The experience and story behind it could be meaningful and interesting to anyone who look into market themselves into China.


And so I write.  Enjoy your reading!


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